Myria Nodes Guide

This website will guide you through purchasing Myria Nodes, setting them up and how to stay safe in Web3.

Below you will find many handy guides to everything Myria Nodes

You can visit the Myria website by clicking here

Why purchase Myria Gaming Nodes?

Myria Nodes Information

Run a node and earn $MYRIA and NFT rewards

Decentralize the network by providing computing resources

Daily $Myria token rewards

Myria node operators will receive daily $MYRIA token rewards for the nodes work.

You can view detailed information on how $myria is performing and how nodes are performing by clicking here


Powered by the community of player-run nodes

The Myria chain is supported by a network of player-run nodes. Use your home computer to become a node operator and receive rewards and benefits for your contribution to the ecosystem.

If you want to know how to buy and set up a Myria node, click here

The main reason people buy Myria nodes is to earn passive income! Many people missed out on Gala Nodes or they want to add more Nodes within other newer ecosystems. Due to the success of Gala Nodes new opportunities are attractive.

This is the perfect opportunity. Please note, anything in crypto is risky and none of what I say is financial advice. Just my opinions from being in crypto for 6 years!

Who am I? My username in the Myria discord is Ispira, feel free to contact me in Discord if you need any further information. I got into Gala at the very beginning and took a huge risk at the time and bought Founders Nodes. They paid of big time. So when I saw this opportunity with Myria, again early, I bought Nodes! I am so glad I did. The good news is, the node prices are still at a similar level right now!

I will go through some statistics that you won’t find anywhere else. I monitor and follow all the onchain activity on Etherscan, to do with Myria! This helps me understand how well the $Myria token is performing. I will share some of this data here to help you make a decision.

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