Myria Data

Here you will find lots of statistics. Updated when possible. The 1st chart is from the Myria website itself and shows the Ramps for node batches.

How much do Myria Nodes cost?

This is from a few weeks ago…

Here is a newer price.. 13th Dec 2023

From the Myria website today also. This is the price in $Myria at this minute.. to buy a node. Not gone up much in Myria.. this is due to the $Myria token increasing in value at this time.

How fast are nodes selling right now? Good question!

We can see some limited data to figure this out. Etherscan can reveal all Ethereum related transactions: This helps a lot. We can’t see what is happening on the Myria l2 chain at this time unfortunately.

0xA0Ef786Bf476fE0810408CaBA05E536aC800ff86 <— this is the $Myria token contract address.

Current Data. There are 10,436 wallet addresses that hold Myria tokens at this time. This as increased from approx 6000 2 months ago! So it is rising fast. This is a good thing because it distributes the tokens to more people and the more people who will talk about Myria to their friends and family.

if you click the HOLDERS tab as shown above.. you can see all wallet holders and how much Myria each contains! Many of the top holders are the Myria team, and Exchanges! CEX and DEX.

You will notice a contract address, in #5 spot atm.. (it will look like just a 0xXXxXXX in your etherscan) usually 1,7B tokens.. this contract shows us what is being bridged, moved, from Ethereum to Myria chain, and vice versa. This can show us how many people are sending enough $Myria.. approx 470,000 at this time, into Myria.. usually to then purchase a node!

The amounts going IN (green) you can see are mainly in that range. These are potentially for node purchases. 4 in the last few hours in fact! The average at this time is between 25 – 45 nodes sold per day!

Why are they selling so fast?

This is due to the current price of the $Myria token.

current price on 02/12/2023 is $0.00963 and each node currently yields a total of approx 1600 $Myria per day. $15.40 per day in fact.

Current price of node $4525 / $15 = 301 days ROI at current rates. Subject to change each hour!!

We would expect the price of Myria to eventually be much higher! This is due to the following:

  1. Bull Run as not yet started. If BTC was to go on a bullrun to new is likely most other tokens will rise along with BTC.

2. Myria is not yet listed on Major exchanges like Binance.

3. No Myria games have been released as yet.

4. Node sales are going well, thus increasing demand. I will explain this more below:

Image taken from the Myria Discord today. You can join the discord by going to the Myria website and finding the invite link.

bottom left of website.

Why are node sales going well?

I will talk about this in more depth.

Many people who have heard of Gala Games know that it is too late to get a Founders node right now. They are $93,000 and with the current bear market and low $Gala price.. they are low ROI right now. Of course in the next bullmarket, that might change! The good news is Myria nodes are very good ROI at this time already 🙂 Still very early!

Some statistics that might help.

Myria Founders Nodes are given a total distribution of approx 12.2 Million per day (to all nodes) 12,200,000 Myria.

Each node purchase right now costs approx 470,000 Myria.

With the current rate on average being 30 Node sales per day, this equates to a spend of 30 x 470,000 = 14,100,000 Myria.

So this means that the spend is higher than the distribution! Not all node owners will sell their Myria daily, in fact from research it is around 40% send their Myria to exchanges or swap on Uniswap each week or month. All the rest are holding on to it with diamond hands!

There are other distributions to add to this however, from the ecosystem fund and these are unlocked to a schedule.

Ecosystem Fund13% unlocked immediately, remainder allocation is unlocked over 36 months
Project Development 6 months cliff, linearly vesting over 48 months
Strategic Reserve Immediately Unlocked

So this means that once per month a set amount is unlocked and added to the circulating supply.

Current Circulating Supply is approx 8.8 Billion right now. This will increase to 25 Billion at the end of 2025! 24 months time approx. So the total distribution per day is approx 22,500,000 (22.5M) inc Nodes, on average.

IF or once we get to 50 node sales per day, 50 x 450,000 = 22,500,000 in fact 😉 making things VERY interesting! What if 100 nodes per day start to sell?

Ok, I have bombarded you with enough information now to make a better decision. I am looking forward to the price of Myria being 0.02 making the ROI on nodes under 6 months.. this is when we should see 100’s of node sales per day.. and DEFLATION! Supply shock.. but don’t take my word for it! This is not financial advice, just my opinion.

I do hope you take this Myria Node journey with me 🙂

Click here to go to the HOW TO BUY information.

You can find further vesting information at this website.

Below are some statistics explained from this website.

This chart shows the tokens that are unlocked (added to circulating supply) most of these tokens will be on the many exchanges. You can see all the exchanges below. Source: CoinGecko

We can see by August 2024 (approx 8 months from now) there will be approx 14B tokens in Circulating Supply.

Then by August 2025 we can see how much in the below chart.